New: La Fusion!


Since 1988, we bring you ~Interlude Private-Party~ and we have launched ~Club Enfin~ now 2 years ago.

Today, we bring you a new concept in the world of libertinism. We announce you the fusion between private parties and clubbing.

Club Enfin will be open for all members the first and the last saturday of every month.

The other saturdays of every month will be open for private parties. This means: by invitation only. Do not hesitate to request an invitation.

Several private parties will be presented by

  • Club Enfin itself
  • By professional organisers of private parties
  • By private groups of friends


On our website, we will mention who organizes the party, so you can request an invitation.

All events will be displayed on our website.

The advantages of the 2 public saturdays:

  • We focus on having 2 exceptional nights every month in stead of 4 or 5. Too much routine is bad for creativity.
  • We concentrate all people on 2 dates, so this means more people on our parties and an excellent atmosphere.
  • We’ll have more time to come up with a beautiful theme night.
  • There’s the synergy between the public parties and the private parties.
  • Thanks to this adaptation, we can continue to offer the quality of Club Enfin, for very reasonable prices.


The advantages of the private parties:

  • The comfort and security of a private party, but then in a real club! That’s exceptional.
  • In this formula, you can choose everything: anonymity, opening hours, entry fees, closed doors, breakfast, after-party, …
  • Quality time with your guests from the first minute. We take care of everything before, during and after your private party.
  • Moreover, people with similar minds bring a more favorable atmosphere and more fun!
  • No costs for the organizer!
  • The entry fees for your customers will be given on the website


 every last friday of the month.

Club Enfin also presents the new concept for your more Kinky fantasies

MIXED SINS, FETISH, Kinky Sexy & Extravagant

DJ SEN ETAN (DC10 IBIZA), deep house, underground, Kitkat Berlin

Cave, SM Room & Attribute, Bar, playrooms.

place: « CAVES du Club ENFIN »

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