Signature Caves

Our Mixed Sins Community vision


You like Fetish… BDSM… Kinky…? You must read this!

The Caves of our Castle are the perfect place to live your fantasies.

Master-Mistress… beginner or experienced, this place is made for you, your slave/sub will be so thankful!

We are all different, seeking CREATIVITY, elegance and extreme pleasure in action… Soft or hard, in any way you will shine like a star.

In an outstanding discrete secured place and atmosphere, well equipped with very unique BDSM & Fetish equipment and accessories, you will enjoy to see and to be seen.

Your limits are our pleasure, and we have the strong desire to enhance the boundaries of the Fetish scene, discovering with you unknown pleasure of the mind, body and soul, pushing the limit out of the conventional borders …

Looking for real Fetish lovers? Hot action?

Increase your pleasure…   come to the caves of the Castle and leave your own signature at our next party of our mixed sins community.

All genders or sexual orientation are welcome, let’s build together a great scene for these particular nights!

Be beautiful, be kinky… DARE the exception and bring your part: we are a SPIRIT: innovative performers, take your chance and join us and our artists, let’s mix our ideas, our fantasies and our styles: the “Kitkat atmosphere” will be mixed with our Belgian music and imaginary: let’s invent and come out of the classical paths!

Be Yourself.. live Your live…

Every party will be different, we are looking forward to meet you soon.